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No more sweat during the summers, AC Repair Dubai is here with the best professional team to fix your AC problems!

When it comes to AC maintenance, don’t look anywhere else and contact AC repair Dubai right away. We can come to your house to fix the AC problem, so that you get to enjoy nice and chilled air. You can contact us not just for AC maintenance, but we also do AC repair and AC servicing. We have the best AC servicing team and town and you can completely count on us! We all know how summers can be! Summers are extremely hot and scorching heat on the skin makes it even harder to tolerate. This is when you count on your AC to make you feel calmer and help you stay cool. However, since summers mean the continuous working AC, doesn’t it make you feel worry that you will be increasing your utility bill. Knowing that you might have to pay extra because it is summer, it makes sense to think about AC maintenance in Dubai because if you don’t then you will be paying double then what you normally pay. Just like your favourite car at home, air conditioners also ask for regular maintenance. You need to be sure that it is working perfectly alright and when it needs tune-ups. And since, with time you will need to think about hiring a professional AC repairing company, why don’t you call us to be your service?

The services that we provide:

  • AC Installation Dubai
  • AC Repair Dubai
  • AC Maintenance Dubai
  • AC Service Dubai
  • Chillers Repair Dubai
  • AC Ducting Dubai

We don’t have a fix package for AC maintenance, we offer completely custom made services to the clients. Ring us to know more about our AC maintenance services in Dubai.

How to know that your AC is asking for maintenance?

Understanding your AC working condition

The first thing that you should know is learn about your air conditioner. Now, if you have a central air conditioner at home, then that AC will have two important parts. One will be the outdoor unit, which is the compressor or condenser. You will see it sitting right outside your house and the second unit will be in the indoors and that is known as the indoor unit, which is also known as the evaporator. It will be located near your furnace. What you need to at is the furnace. Take a look at the indoor unit and see if the furnace looks different to you. You can go through the user’s manual as well to find the furnace. If it does then this is the right time to call a professional and get the problem sorted out.

Your AC needs cleaning

It is necessary that you keep your AC clean so that it survives longer. What you can do is vacuuming the fins of the air conditioner. Use a soft-bristle brush and clean it often. Just remember that the fins of the AC are quite fragile and they can be easily crushed or bent. For a few units, the fins have to be unscrewed to clean it. For this lift the metal box first and then you can get them out. The user manual will have proper instructions. Don’t forget to follow that.

Filter replacement

You do know that your AC has filters and even if you have purchased the best quality filters, they will worn out with time and since there are enough airborne debris in the atmosphere already, it is logical to think that even the atmosphere is putting your AC through a lot of strain and this is what you need to look out for. If the AC filters are not working properly, there is a huge chance that your AC will become overheated and this can even lead to fire hazards. No one would want that to happen. So, the best solution for this is to schedule for AC filter replacement. You can mark your calendar as well, so that you won’t forget about it. This is a very simple and an important thing to do. This will improve the air and cooling quality of your air conditioner as well.

A lot of cool air is passing out of the doors and windows

For this tip, you will have to get a dollar bill. Go ahead and shut the door and now laid across the bill right beneath the door. In case, the dollar bill does gets sneaked out then yes, your cool air is going out of the bedroom as well, which means your room is not getting cool entirely. You should try this thing in all of the rooms where there is an AC. After checking each and every room, ensure that the bottom of the door is also properly sealed otherwise, you know AC air will trespass and that is something you would surely not want to happen.

Duct needs booster

Just in case if you have forced-air cooling system in your home and you still feel that the room is quite hot, then get a duct booster fan because this will enhance the flow of the cool air and will keep your room a lot cooler. There are two types of booster fan. There is the in-line duct booster fan, which can be installed right inside the room and this is what you need to make sure that your room is remaining cool all the time. Just mount the fan near the AC outlet and the duct booster fan will automatically turn on once you switch on the AC.

Though we love the awesome weather of Dubai, but if the air conditioner fails it can quickly become intolerable. Whether you are a company, family or individual, it is not possible to survive without a properly working air conditioner. No matter what kind of AC you have in your office or home, it may breakdown with or without any notice. In the direction of avoiding any issue with your AC, you are supposed to subscribe an air conditioner maintenance company. To get efficient, professional and quick solution, you can count on AC Repair Dubai – Air Condition Systems (L.L.C).

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