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Ac repairs which avoids Maintenance

AC Repairs that May Be Prevented with Maintenance

When you realize your air conditioner is in need of repair, it’s frustrating. But what’s even more troublesome is finding out you could have prevented the problem with a simple call to an AC technician. Air conditioning maintenance services, offered by most local HVAC companies, help to protect your AC equipment and keep it running more efficiently.

But many people don’t realize how valuable this service is until a sudden AC repair need pops up. Don’t let a preventable breakdown catch you by surprise. Schedule AC maintenance today, and see what repairs you may prevent in the guide below.

Scheduling air conditioning service before the system is in full swing is the best way to ensure it runs smoothly on the hottest of days, but how often do you really need to schedule service, and when?

#1: Water Leaks

Often, we get calls from people who assumed they had a plumbing leak, only to realize the air conditioner was the source of the water leak. Yikes!

Depending on the position of the indoor unit and condensate line, water leaks can cause damage to the attic or leak into kitchen cabinets and other important parts of your home. That can result in thousands of dollars in water damage repairs after all is said and done.

This is, of course, something you want to prevent. And it’s usually not too difficult to catch the problem at a routine maintenance visit. Condensation collects on the inside coil of your AC system and drains to the outdoors. But if the drain is clogged with debris, that moisture has nowhere else to go. During a maintenance visit, technicians usually check and clean the condensate drain.

#2: Frozen Evaporator Coils

Freezing may seem like something normal for an air conditioner, but it’s actually quite concerning. As the refrigerant within the air conditioner moves heat outdoors, it cools down a coil which cools the air. However, it is not meant to freeze up, as this inhibits refrigerant from continuing to remove heat from the air.

Frozen coils are damaging and the problems can be lasting. You may not feel enough cool air moving through the house. However, during an inspection of your AC system before the season, a technician may find the root of the issue and recommend repairs for any of the following issues.

  • Low refrigerant
  • A dirty air filter (blocking warm air from reaching the coil)
  • Problems with the fan motor

#3: Premature Wear and Tear

This is a more general category, but it’s something worth mentioning. Faster wear and tear on your air conditioning system means the entire AC system wears out sooner. Parts may need replacement more often, and you may spend more money than you would on regular maintenance. An air conditioning system’s components will not last forever, but you can slow wear and tear with preventative attention.

During a maintenance visit, an AC technician should make a few adjustments to your system. In the process, the air conditioner may be able to run more efficiently and have fewer issues throughout the year. The long-term savings typically offset the cost of maintenance, as you are not wasting money on repair after repair throughout the year.

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